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Lucky Charms - The mother nature has created many things, which are rare, the use of which is very auspicious for health , wealth and happiness called as Rare Lucky Charms. Tantra is a method, a technique or a path of worship through the use of various materials and natural substances in specified forms, under set rules and regulations. Keeping these articles is very good and fruitful. There are certain signs treated as lucky and are being used since ages on persons to ward off evil or bring good luck, these are known as LUCKY CHARMS.

Tantra is the use of natural power for attainment of health, wealth, happiness, spirituality. It can also be used to gain protection against enemies, get victory in war/ law suits, or help in hypnosis, where the other person's mind is controlled for his/ her own benefit.Tantra can be performed by a person from any religion or belief, since it is only a means, and hence, can be used to pray to the Deity / God in which one has more faith. Tantra is not a religion or a cult, and it is definitely not magic, mysticism or 'Jadoo Toona', as it is often misunderstood.

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