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Red Coral

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Red Coral

This is a Jaivika gem found in sea. Red Coral rocks are built a particular insect found in sea. In some places very long rocks of coral are found. Scientifically, it has been proved that coral is a constituent of calcium carbonate. It looks like a horn. Normally, Coral is found in orange colour. But it is found in different colours also such as red, pink, white, black and smoke. Coral found in orange or red colours are thought to be the best. Coral is found mainly in North Sea of Australia, at the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, in south sea of Burma (Myanmar), Algeria, Tunitia and Sardinia. Coral rocks built by the insects are also found at the seashores of Cycille.  

Also known as the ‘Garden of the Sea’, Coral or Moonga is formed by the accumulation of polyps’ skeletons. Coral is found in various colors namely red, pink, yellow, scarlet, saffron, white and black. Red is the most sought after variety.

Moonga represents the Zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio. The planet associated with Coral is Mars.

In ancient times, it was believed that Coral prevents ill fortune and when worn as a necklace, it protects one from skin diseases. A dream about coral was interpreted in terms of a recovery from a prolonged illness.

Moonga is a symbol of the energy of blood. A dark coral helps in stimulating the bloodstream whereas the shades of pink help in restoring harmony. Coral relieves from depression, nutritional deficiency and lethargy. Wearing Coral helps in meditation and visualization. Also, it makes the wearer more courageous to confront and solve problems and situations and also induce risk-taking ability. Eradicating negative effects that are posing hindrance, Moonga also increases one’s authority. Chicken-hearted people and the ones who easily are overpowered by enemies are recommended Coral. Moonga is a perfect gem for a happy conjugal life as it helps restore calm in conflict situations.

Moonga is also recommended for electricians, players, surgeons, policemen, soldiers and workers in ordinance factory. It increases self-assurance and administrative potential. In transactions of land and properties, Moonga is highly beneficial. Moonga allows flow and change in life and keeps a tab on emotions.

As a healer, Coral averts fever, impotency, abortion, small-pox, etc. To protect children from stomach ache and rickets, Coral bead mala can be worn around neck. In case of any complications related to stomach, lungs and blood circulation. Coral is believed to possess the power to cure insanity and keep evil spirits away from the wearer. Determination and audacity are the some other traits enhanced when wearing Coral. Moonga stimulates tissue regeneration as well.

Another thing may be noted that a true coral has the tendency to change color as per the physical health of the person wearing it. Its color fades when there is a disorder present and restores back the original color once the health is restored.

Care & Cleaning of Red Coral or Moonga

Embedded in gold or copper, Moonga or Coral should always be worn on the ring finger. It should be worn on a Tuesday. Best time to wear Moonga is an hour after sunrise or up to 11am by chanting the following mantra.

Mantra for Red Coral 

"Om kraam kreem kraum sah bhaumaya namah"
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