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Crystal (Sphatik) are basically known as Sphatik. Crystal is a semi precious stone but is considered as a mani(precious) stone. Crystal is a stone which is always cool like an ice and is the right way of identifying a crystal, it is transparent, lustrous and smooth stone. Normally Sphatik(crystal) is used for reducing the negativities of surroundings. Crystal is also considered a stone of Goddess laxmi so doing japa through Crystal is also considered auspicious.Regular worship of Crystal statues brings good luck, happiness and prosperity. According to scriptures, Crystal is the purest material available on earth to make god idols. Riddhi Siddhi is proud to offer authentic Crystal products at most reasonable costs.We being the wholeseller of Crystal items we have our own workers working for us, we specialize in some exclusive Crystal items ranging more than 500gms God idols and lingams and shree yantra, specially Crystal shree yantra and shivling are considered to be the most auspicous having it at home or offices or counter. Vastu Store has a Potential of supplying and taking orders of providing some of the rarest Crsytal items i.e Shivlingams, Lingams and Shree Yantras of big Size and in large Quantity to Various Ashrams and religious trust to worship in the temple.


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